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10 Fun and Unique Small Solar Products

Installing solar panels is a huge step towards saving the environment and changing the world. There are many other ways to incorporate solar panels and solar technology into your everyday life on a smaller-scale. Here are a few fun products to help you go green!

1. Solar Backpack

Charge your electronics while on the go! This solar powered backpack keeps you connected while traveling. It has storage pockets for smartphones, tablets and laptops, internal cable management system to keep small items in place and breathable, ergonomic shoulder straps that are ideal for commuting, traveling, or hiking!

2. Window Solar Charger

This designer window charger powers your electronics by simply hanging in your window. It is ideal for those that live in apartments and don’t have access to roof solar panels. It is designed to produce enough energy to power your electronics. It also has an eco-friendly bamboo frame!

3. Solar Powered Planter

Add a touch of magic to your evening with these solar powered planters. Because they are powered by the sun, they can be placed anywhere. Program them to a color-changing mode, or select a single color to match the mood of the night. These are perfect for summer night patio parties and are the perfect way to spruce up your landscape!

4. Solar Powered LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

This beautiful LED lighted patio umbrella is another way to make your backyard the perfect place to relax. A square solar panel at the top provides a glowing light that can last anywhere between 9-12 hours. From providing shade during a hot summer day, to providing a beautiful luminescent scene at night, this patio umbrella is perfect for the upcoming summer nights!

5. Solar Powered Security Camera

This solar powered security camera allows for wire-free security, while guaranteeing your safety! It uses network connectivity and non-stop solar power supply from solar panels to ensure wire-free security. It is also portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, whether that be indoors or outdoors. It is the perfect product to help you feel safe, while harnessing the power of the sun!

6. Solar Address Sign

Make your home fully solar powered with this solar address sign! These numbers use poly-crystalline silicon solar panels that charge without the need for direct sunlight. It is a waterproof system with a durable frame that can withstand ran, snow and hot weather. It is wireless and a great outdoor addition to your solar, environmental-friendly home!

7. Solaball Solar Sparkle Machine

A fun way to bring sparkle and shine into your home, this solar disco ball provides just that through the power of the sun. While the sun is shining, Solaball will scatter light all over a room’s walls, floor and ceiling. This product brings more fun into solar energy and is produced by a small Etsy shop!

8. Solar Power Bank Charger

This solar powered charger is perfect for on-the-go. It is fully equipped with a compass and flashlight, creating the perfect portable charger for traveling, hiking, camping, etc. It is designed to hook to your backpack, bag, or jeans by carabiner for hands-free charging!

9. Window Solar Battery Charger

This solar window charger easily attaches to any window. The outside of the charger captures the light and turns it into usable energy. This charger is small and extremely portable, making it the perfect technology to carry around with you and use on the fly!

10. Solar Radiometer

This solar radiometer spins its pinwheels in the sunlight. It is a science fiction gadget that demonstrates how light can be transformed into energy. When exposed to warm light, the vanes spin. The more powerful the source of light, the faster the vanes spin. This is a beautiful home decor piece that educates and fascinates in every way!


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