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3 Reasons to Go Solar This Autumn

Oftentimes people think summer is the best time for solar production. Although there are many sunny days, autumn is actually an incredible time to install solar panels and maximize your energy production. Here are three reasons why you should install solar panels this autumn:


Solar power relies on the sun. This means that weather can have an impact on the way that your solar panels produce energy. Extremely hot temperatures may lead to drop-off in power production, but warm and sunny autumn days are perfect for maximizing your panel production. In fact, the table below shows the amount of sunshine that each state we service has during the fall months.

The % of Sun number measures the percentage of time between sunrise and sunset that sunshine reaches the ground. Total Hours represents the average number of sunny hours a place normally has during autumn. 

Prepare For Winter

One of the biggest benefits of going solar during the fall is preparing for the winter months. Winter usually means colder weather, more snow and higher energy bills. In fact, the average winter utility bill is over 200 kWh more than in the summer. By going solar now, you can have a brand new solar system up and running in time to offset your energy production and save you money during the winter months.

Less Wait Time

Spring and Summer are traditionally the busiest months for solar installations. This push in solar can lead to longer wait times for approvals and installations. Installing your solar panels in the autumn can help relieve some of the wait time, meaning you can save money on your electricity bills sooner.

You don’t have to wait for the hot and sunny days that summer brings to make the most of solar energy. Enjoy these autumn months knowing you are creating a cleaner environment, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money! If you’re interested in going solar, visit for a free quote.


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