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Corporate Headquarters

4801 N University Ave., Suite 900
Provo, Utah 84604

Virginia Warehouse and Sales Office

2014 Exploration Way, Unit #2040
Hampton, Virginia 23666

Job Description

This includes ensuring all paperwork is managed effectively, people are paid correctly, permitting and HOA is facilitated accordingly and office tasks are performed on a daily basis. The Permit Administrator is also responsible for maintaining all building permit duties in each field office. This includes ensuring all paperwork is printed and filed with the various cities and counties, following up with to get approvals in a timely manner, managing credit card and/or check receipts, and returning approved paperwork back to the office to be filed. You will also be helping with dropping off and picking up other paperwork to customers homes for scheduled inspections and commissioning. The job will be spent mostly in a car and also at the office warehouse updating the company database and helping with other office needs of the office assistant and the operations manager. There will be times when the company car is not available and you will be required to use your personal car. In the event of using your personal car, we reimburse mileage at the the rate of $0.54/mile.

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