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Green Halloween

This time of year is perfect to show others your dedication to creating a clean, green, and renewable energy powered world by making a statement with your Halloween costumes. Celebrate a “Green” Halloween with these renewable energy inspired costumes: Solar Queen This solar queen costume is the perfect way to pay tribute to our sun! […]

10 Fun and Unique Small Solar Products

Installing solar panels is a huge step towards saving the environment and changing the world. There are many other ways to incorporate solar panels and solar technology into your everyday life on a smaller-scale. Here are a few fun products to help you go green! 1. Solar Backpack Charge your electronics while on the go! […]

Test Your Solar Knowledge!

Think you’re a solar expert? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about solar power! Questions: Devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity are calleda. Photosyntheticb. Photovoltaicc. Photo-convertersd. Phototonic Sunlight is composed of which type of energy particle?a. Electronsb. Protonsc. Photonsd. Neutrinos What famous scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for […]

Presidents Day: The History of Solar Power at the White House

The White House has been through many decorative changes throughout the years as each new president makes the house their own. One of the most relevant changes, perhaps, has been the installation and removal of solar panels. In light of Presidents Day, the following is the history of the White House and solar power. Jimmy […]

Make Your Next Camping Trip Solar-Powered

You can harness the power of the sun even when you are out enjoying the great outdoors. Using solar-powered camping gear allows you to explore the outdoors in comfort, knowing you won’t run out of energy. With modern technology, there are sun-powered gadgets to charge your lights, purify your water, and even help you cook […]

Solar Terms Defined

In our Solar Glossary, we breakdown all of the technical solar terms you need to know. Solar Terms Defined A-to-T AC Disconnect – Used to separate the system from the electrical grid (on/off switch for the solar). It is typically mounted on the wall between the inverter and utility meter. Alternating Current (AC) – An electric current […]


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