Press Release: ION Earth Install in Smithville

SMITHVILLE, Texas, April 12th, 2019 — Villalobos Family Receives Premium Solar System Donated By ION Solar Through ION Earth Program. ION Solar and Austin Habitat for Humanity have joined forces through the ION Earth Program to provide a free premium solar system for Diana Villalobos.  Diana will soon be able to enjoy the comfort of […]

The Ultimate Guide To Buying or Selling A Home With Solar Panels

With solar on the rise it’s not uncommon to come across a home with solar when you are on the market for a new house. Now if you’ve already installed solar on your home, it’s important to be thinking about what to expect when it comes time to sell your house. Solar systems influence a […]

What Is A Carbon Footprint And Why Does It Matter?

What Is A Carbon Footprint When talking about climate change, the term carbon footprint is thrown around a lot, but what does that actually mean? A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of a particular person, organization, community, etc. The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere […]

Press Release: ION Earth Install in Santa Fe

The Gavurnik’s new home is now powered by clean energy thanks to the ION Earth program. While their new solar system provides the family with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable living situation, it also results in lower utility costs each month, lessening the hardship of bills on the family. Through this partnership between Habitat for Humanity […]

How Rooftop Solar Came To Be

The growth and expansion of rooftop solar has been a slow but worthwhile endeavor.  Believe it or not, mankind has used the power of the sun’s energy dating all the way back to 7th century B.C. when magnifying glasses were used to make fire by concentrating the sun’s rays. Experimenting with the sun’s power carried […]

Colorado Solar Incentives: Five Things Residents Need to Know

Colorado residents are prime candidates for home solar power and energy efficiency. With recent advances in solar technology, lower solar system prices, and attractive incentives there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the state’s abundant solar energy. You can lower or erase your electric bill and invest in your home’s energy future. […]


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