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Do I Need a New Roof to Install Solar?

January 29th, 2021

If you’re thinking of installing solar, you may be wondering if you need to have your roof replaced before you begin the solar process. You can learn all about whether your roof is a good candidate for going solar here. In this blog post, we will be going more in depth about your roof and solar!

Rooftop Life Expectancy

To prevent leaks and damage to your home, rooftops require replacement around every 30 years. Depending on the composition of your roof, the estimated time frame may vary. You can expect to replace your roof based on these recommended time frames designated for each roof type:

Slate, Copper and Tile Roofs — 50+ Years
Wood Shake Roofs — 30 Years
Fiber Cement Shingles — 25 Years 
Asphalt Shingle/Composition Roofs — 20 Years

These are the predicted life expectancies and can be subject to change. Occasionally, climate and weather conditions such as snow, hail and hurricanes can change the time frame.

Replacing Your Roof

We don’t encourage every homeowner to replace their roof before installing solar panels. If your roof will need replacement within 1-3 years, we recommend replacing it before installing solar panels. This ensures you do not have to remove your solar panels shortly after your install. Your solar panels and roof will only need replacement after the 20-30+ years.

We also recommend replacing your roof if there is any visible damage.

Removal and Reinstallation

Your roof may also need replacement at some point after installing your solar panels. We can easily remove and reinstall your solar panels on your new roof!

The process of removing and reinstalling your solar panels can be quick and easy! When you need to replace your roof, reach out to our team. We will schedule a time to come and remove your solar panels. After your roof replacement, we will reinstall your solar panels. You will be well on your way to generating clean energy for your home again!

If you’re considering going solar and still have questions, reach out to one of our solar experts at for a free quote!


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