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Do Rooftop Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Adding solar panels to your home is a serious investment. When looking to go solar, some homeowners worry about the condition of their roof and how solar panels will affect it. Luckily, solar installers take precautionary measures to protect your roof, preventing leaks and other damage from occurring. When installed properly, solar panels add value to your house!

How Solar Panels Are Installed On Your Roof

First, it is important to understand just how solar panels are installed. Rooftop solar arrays are attached by drilling holes into the roof and using lag bolts to secure your panels. This thick hardware is designed to withstand the test of heavy weather conditions such as high winds, storms, rain/hail and any other type of heavy impacts. When installed properly, these holes are strategically placed to make sure your roof retains its structural integrity. That’s why it is important to seek out experienced solar installers to guarantee your solar panels are installed correctly. 

The weight of solar panels on your roof will also not compromise the structural integrity of your roof, even with added pressures such as snow. Solar panels are typically installed at an angle, allowing any type of snow buildup to slide right off of the panel.

Ground Mounts

If you’re still worried about installing solar panels straight onto your roof, there are other options that will allow you to enjoy solar without a roof. Ground mounts are a great alternative to rooftop solar and will still produce enough energy to meet your electricity needs. With available space, ground mounts can be installed on your property and collect energy from the sun the same way that rooftop solar panels do!

High Quality At ION Solar

ION Solar’s goal is to provide a premium experience using only premium equipment to all of our customers. We use only the highest quality solar and electrical equipment for your custom solar system – including some of the highest rated panels and inverters available. Your system will be more efficient, last longer, provide more savings, and result in a more beautiful installation on your roof. Our experienced installers and solar experts will guarantee your job is done well, resulting in solar you will be proud to show to your family, friends and neighbors.

Find Out If Your Roof Is A Good Candidate For Solar

If you’re thinking about going solar and aren’t sure if your roof is in the proper conditions, reach out to our team of experts who can help you determine if solar is right for you! Visit for a free quote and more information about going solar!


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