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Green Halloween

This time of year is perfect to show others your dedication to creating a clean, green, and renewable energy powered world by making a statement with your Halloween costumes. Celebrate a “Green” Halloween with these renewable energy inspired costumes:

Solar Queen

This solar queen costume is the perfect way to pay tribute to our sun! Bright oranges and yellows create the illusion of blinding sun rays.

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Solar and Wind Superheroes

Grab a partner and combine the forces of wind and solar to create this perfect renewable energy costume. These solar and wind energy superheroes will definitely make a statement this Halloween.

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Sun and Solar Duo

Another creative take on renewable energy sources, this costume combines the sun and solar panels to perfectly depict solar energy production.

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Plastic Waste Villain

This Halloween costume brings alive issues with plastic waste in a spooky way and is a reminder of the importance of recycling!

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Carbon Footprint

Normally we encourage reducing your carbon footprint, but this Halloween we suggest dressing as this frightening carbon footprint.

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Trash in the Ocean

Nothing says “green” Halloween like this trash in the ocean inspired costume. Remind others to recycle and keep our oceans clean!

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From all of us here at ION Solar, we hope you have a safe, enjoyable and “Green” Halloween!


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