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Helping the Environment from Home

Creating a better environment does not have to be a life-consuming task. There are many ways to help the environment in small and simple ways from the comfort of your home. This blog post aims to provide you some changes you can make to create a cleaner world!

1. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Incorporating energy efficient light bulbs into your home is an easy way to reduce the amount of power that you use. Not only do they help the environment, but they also use less energy, which means less money out of your pocket! By implementing this, you are helping the world in tremendous ways!

2. Turn Off Your Electronics at Night

Before you go to bed, make sure to turn off or unplug any unnecessary technology that you aren’t using. This is a small step that can be taken to reduce the amount of power that you use. By making this conscious effort, you can save money and contribute to the health of the environment.

3. Always Recycle Glass

Glass can take up to a million years to decompose. That’s a long time! It is important to recycle any type of glass that you may use around your house. It can reduce related water pollution by up to fifty percent and related air pollution by up to twenty percent.

4. Laundry Loads

Washing clothing is a huge part of our lives, but can also be harsh on the environment. When doing laundry, don’t wash half loads. Wait until there is enough to do a full load, as this will cut your laundry use in half! The temperature of your laundry load is also important. Try to use cold or warm water as much as possible!

5. Turn the Tap Off While Brushing

We all brush our teeth morning and night, which means we are constantly using water. By turning off the tap while you are brushing, about five gallons of water can be saved. This can make a huge difference day-to-day!

6. Take Showers Instead of Baths

Showers use less water than baths. In fact, they use approximately half the amount of water. When you can, choose a shower over a bath. This will also help you save on heating the excess water. A small and simple way to help the environment!

7. Be Aware of Your Water Consumption

Plastic water bottles contribute greatly to waste pollution. Instead of grabbing a water bottle on the go, choose a reusable water bottle that can be refilled anywhere you go. Consciously making the switch to a reusable water bottle will help reduce waste.

8. Plant Your Own Tree

Planting your own tree is a fun way to create a cleaner environment and air quality. Planting your own trees can be good for the air and land, shade your home, improve your air quality and even increase the value of our home! Make it an annual tradition with your family and you will be contributing so much to the environment.

9. Buy Local Products

Where possible, purchase local products. This saves all of the pollution from transporting goods long distances. There are often local produce shops and products to purchase from that can be a fun way to find needed goods.

10. Turn Off Lights

There is no reason to keep lights on in a room that is no longer being used. This is a small step to incorporate daily. Save money and energy by switching off the lights before leaving a room!

11. Regularly Maintain Your Vehicle

When a vehicle’s engine is running correctly, the filters clean and the tires are properly inflated, it will be more efficient with its fuel consumption. You can save money and pollution by keeping up to date with your maintenance. Cleaning out your care every now-and-then is another way to save on fuel — extra weight uses extra fuel!

12. Don’t Throw it Away

Don’t throw something away just because you are sick of it, or no longer have use for it in your home. There are many donation services that are a good way to recycle goods you no longer need or want. You can also list them on a free collection site online!

13. Choose Reusable Bags

While shopping (of any kind) choose to bring your own bags. Plastic bags are not biodegradable and they can’t be recycled. They often get left in landfills and can pollute the ocean and food sources. This is a small change to help the environment in big ways!

14. Think About Packaging

When purchasing groceries, think about the type of packaging that is involved. Individually wrapped candies use resources and generate a lot of trash. Opting for different products can reduce waste.

15. Recycle

Recycle, recycle, recycle! This is an incredibly important way to help the environment and reduce our waste. Many garbage disposal services also offer recycling. Once you have the bin, just put it out with your garbage cans! Make the conscious effort to recycle!

There are so many ways to help the environment and create cleaner living conditions by changing just a few things around our home.



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