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How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Solar panels are a great way to create energy without drawing upon harmful resources like fuel, coal, oil or gas. It is important to understand how much energy each panel produces, so that you can power your entire home with sustainable and renewable energy.

During the solar process, our team will gather the last twelve months of your electricity bills to give them a sense of how much energy your household uses on a daily basis. The goal is to build a system that will offset 100% of your annual usage. Our in-house design team works hard to ensure that your house looks as good as it functions!

How Do Solar Panels Produce Energy?

Solar technology has been around for decades as a way to generate energy from sunlight. This technology has been improving at a rapid pace which has led to more efficient panels and lower costs.

Solar panels are made up of small photovoltaic cells connected together and made out of semiconducting materials. These cells are very small, but when linked together, they become very efficient. When the sun shines on the cells they begin to create electricity. This electricity powers your home. In order to supply power to more than just small appliances, multiple panels need to be installed. When combined, solar panels create enough electricity to cover all of your home’s power needs!

Solar Panel Technology

In order to understand how much energy a solar panel can produce, you have to consider what type of technology is being used. There are two different types of solar panels: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Here is a comparison of the two types of solar panels:


  • More efficient 
  • Slightly more expensive 
  • Better output in high temperatures and shady conditions


  • Less efficient 
  • Less expensive
  • Less efficient in higher temperatures

The type of solar panel that you use matters! In order to maximize efficiency and make sure you’re harnessing the full power of the sun, you need an efficient, high quality product.

How Much Energy Does One Solar Panel Output?

Another factor that determines how much energy a solar panel produces is the panel’s wattage. A solar panel’s wattage will determine its capacity and power output. In order to calculate the solar panel output, you can multiply the amount of hours of sunlight by the wattage of the solar panel! Here is an example:

Hours of sunlight: 6
Wattage of solar panel: 280 watts

6 hours x 280 watts = 1,680 watt-hours or 1.68 kWh (kilowatt hours)

Thus, your solar panel output for an entire year (1.68 kWh x 365 days) would be between 600-650 kWh of energy. For every solar panel placed in your array, those numbers continue to grow! A larger solar system will create more energy.

ION solar uses the highest quality tier one panels so that you can be confident you’re making the most of the most abundant renewable energy source: the sun! If you’re interested in solar visit for a free quote!


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