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Getting Started With Solar Panels

Getting solar panels installed is easier when you have solar experts from ION to help you every step of the way. Your solar process will begin with a consultation with an ION representative. They will provide you with a breakdown of the numbers and prepare a savings estimate.

Our team will create a design proposal based on the data we gather from the site survey. During the site survey, our team will assess the location of where we intend to install the solar panels. We will check for obstacles between the sun’s rays and the solar panels such as trees, chimneys, neighbor buildings, etc. Every home is different, and each solar panel placement is designed to fit your needs.

Once you’re happy with your home’s solar panel design, we will get started right away and assign you a dedicated project manager. You and your project manager will have open communication throughout the whole process to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also have our Sunrise by ION app for you to track the progress of your installation and keep in close contact with our team throughout your project.

We care too much to outsource any part of the process. Our in-house experts will take care of everything. From the solar panel installation to permitting – we handle it all.

Solar Panel Production

Once your solar panels are up and running, it’s time to harness the sun’s energy. Every homeowner who switches to solar with ION Solar will have access to the Enlighten monitoring app. The app provides real-time updates on your solar panel production.

Solar panels are comprised of small units called photovoltaic cells. These tiny cells are what convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels collect energy from the sun in Direct Current (DC) power. This DC power is then sent to a solar inverter, where it is converted to Alternating Current (AC) power for use in your home. Virtually all home appliances require AC power to run!

How to pay for your solar panels

Are you interested in solar panels, but haven’t made the switch because you aren’t sure how you’ll pay for it? At ION Solar, we offer various affordable payment plans to help you get solar panels installed with little to no upfront costs.

When you choose to own your solar panel system, you can take advantage of solar tax credits. You can lease, finance, or purchase a solar energy system. The cost of solar is composed of more than just panels – several factors affect the cost of your solar panel system.


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