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Do I Need a New Roof to Install Solar?

If you’re thinking of installing solar, you may be wondering if you need to have your roof replaced before you begin the solar process. You can learn all about whether your roof is a good candidate for going solar here. In this blog post, we will be going more in depth about your roof and […]

Is Your Roof a Good Candidate for Solar?

Installing solar panels is a big investment for your home. Before making such a big commitment, make sure your home is a good candidate for going solar! Our team custom designs your system to accommodate the unique features of your home. These 5 factors will determine whether your roof is a good candidate for solar: […]

Press Release: ION Earth Donation to The Animal Foundation

LAS VEGAS , Nevada — November 15, 2020 — ION Solar donates custom solar system to The Animal Foundation’s Best in Show silent auction winner.  The Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that hosts an annual event, Best in Show. The organization celebrates their 17th annual year of service and dedication to their community. The […]

Power Through Winter With These Energy Saving Tips

It is a known fact that the colder winter months can lead to higher energy bills. We consume a lot of energy trying to heat our homes. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Consumption of electricity rises in the winter because the days are shorter (i.e., more lighting usage) and some homes heat with […]

ION Solar’s 2020 Awards at a Glance

The solar industry hit new milestones this year. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported solar as the cheapest form of energy. The solar industry was making strides and we were too! Check out some of our recognitions this year: Top Solar Contractors List The Solar Power World magazine is the leading online and print resource. […]

ION Solar’s 2020 Solar Donations at a Glance

At ION Solar, our community is at the heart of our values. ION Earth is ION Solar’s charitable arm that gives back to its communities by donating premium solar panels to families and organizations. We install a complete system to a family in need for every two megawatts (mW) worth of energy installed. With the […]

5 Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Waste

Household waste increases by more than 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years. With Christmas approaching, it’s important that we are aware of how much waste we are producing. These 5 tips will help you reduce your holiday waste while enjoying the holiday season with family and friends: 1. Use Your Own Shopping Bags Plastic bags […]

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels Year Round

Solar panels generate clean electricity throughout all seasons of the year. They are manufactured to withstand weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, and fall debris while still harnessing the power of the sun. Maintaining your solar panels year round helps to ensure they are functioning properly. Winter With winter comes snow and ice. Snow […]

Renewable Energy Powered Corporations

Solar prices have fallen and businesses are quickly making the switch to solar, including large corporations. Corporate solar is known to have a significant impact, producing enough electricity to power 402,000 U.S. homes and offset 2.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Along with major efforts to move towards solar, corporations have adopted […]

Do Rooftop Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Adding solar panels to your home is a serious investment. When looking to go solar, some homeowners worry about the condition of their roof and how solar panels will affect it. Luckily, solar installers take precautionary measures to protect your roof, preventing leaks and other damage from occurring. When installed properly, solar panels add value […]

Green Halloween

This time of year is perfect to show others your dedication to creating a clean, green, and renewable energy powered world by making a statement with your Halloween costumes. Celebrate a “Green” Halloween with these renewable energy inspired costumes: Solar Queen This solar queen costume is the perfect way to pay tribute to our sun! […]

How is Energy Measured?

Energy surrounds us in all different forms. Electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal and nuclear energy forms play an important part of each day. Solar panels harness the power of the sun to create energy that powers your home and everyday electricity use! Energy Measurements Electricity is measured in watts. One thousand watts make up a kilowatt […]

Which States Are Best For Solar?

Solar installs span all across the United States, even in unpredictable states. The power of the sun can be harnessed from anywhere!. However, there are states that have ideal conditions for solar panels to be successful. Here is a list of the Top Ten Solar States by cumulative solar capacity installed: California! Also known as […]

How to Monitor Your Solar System Production

Solar Panels are now produced to be incredibly reliable. They can withstand natural occurrences, such as wind, hail, rain, snow, etc. With the proper care and cleaning, your panels will last well over the standard lifetime! Your solar panels will keep your home powered with little to no effort on your part. While considering going […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Solar

There are many reasons why going solar is a smart choice. Whether it be for lower energy bills, a more positive impact on the environment, or simply to give back to the planet, the benefits are endless. When customers are looking into solar, there are often a few concerns that come up. Going solar is […]

3 Reasons to Go Solar This Autumn

Oftentimes people think summer is the best time for solar production. Although there are many sunny days, autumn is actually an incredible time to install solar panels and maximize your energy production. Here are three reasons why you should install solar panels this autumn: Weather Solar power relies on the sun. This means that weather […]

Energy Efficient Home Improvements to Help You Save Money

Installing solar panels to your home provides many benefits to the environment and saves you money with each electricity bill. There are many other home improvements that can make a major impact on your energy usage and save you money throughout the years. Replacing Old Appliances A great way to save energy in your home […]

Press Release: ION Earth Install in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — September 12, 2020 — Billy Jackson and Clara Cage Receive Premium Solar System Donated By ION Solar Through The ION Earth Program.  ION Solar and Austin Habitat for Humanity have joined together through the ION Earth Program to provide a free premium solar system for Billy Jackson and Clara Cage. Their solar […]

ION Solar Recognized as Top Ten in Residential Solar and One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies

ION Solar was recognized by achieving top ten in the residential sector of Solar Power World magazine’s annual Top Solar Contractors List. Amidst the many challenges the world is facing, climate change is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. Solar PV installation is an important way to reduce greenhouse gases and fossil fuels.  […]

How Many Years Do Solar Panels Generate Energy?

While searching for the perfect solar provider for your solar needs, you may be wondering how long solar panels actually last. With such a big investment, it is important to make sure that your solar panels will withstand the test of time. Luckily, there are studies that have shown that solar panels can last between […]

Press Release: ION Earth Install in Herriman

HERRIMAN, Utah — August 1, 2020 — ION Earth, ION Solar’s charitable arm, donated a premium solar system to Homes For Our Troops, an organization dedicated to building and donating specially adapted, custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. Homes For Our Troops and ION Solar joined […]

The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Renewable Energy Industry

The beginning of 2020 has been uncertain for many industries and has changed the world in many ways. During the pandemic, pollution and carbon emissions declined, leaving the environment cleaner than years past. These declines have created a demand for renewable energy. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), countries are taking measures that are […]

What is ION Earth?

ION Earth is ION Solar’s charitable arm that gives back to its communities by donating premium solar panels to families and organizations. For every two megawatts (mW) worth of energy installed, ION Solar installs a complete system that’s been donated to a family in need. With the help of solar energy, these families can save […]

Building Your Green Home

The time to build your green, energy efficient, and sustainable home is now. The world’s Eco-friendly technology is rapidly changing and new ways to incorporate this technology into your home are surfacing every day. What is a Green Home? There are many environmentally friendly ways to create a green home and it is widely open […]

Breakthroughs in Solar Technology

In 1954, the first solar photovoltaic device was introduced. It was the first of its kind to provide enough energy electricity to actually be used. By 1958, solar cells were used in small-scale applications. By 1970, the interest in solar cells increased due to the energy crisis. People wanted solar cells to produce electricity in […]

Why Go Solar?

Reduce Your Electricity Bills One of the biggest draws to going solar is saving money on electricity bills. Whether its summer AC or winter heat, electricity costs can make up the larger portion of your monthly expenses. With a solar-powered system, you will be able to offset your production and save money! Even if your […]

Solar Powered 4th of July

With 4th of July comes barbecues, swimming, hiking/camping and enjoying a colorful firework show. We celebrate with family, friends and the sun! Solar power can improve your 4th of July festivities in the best possible ways: Barbecue Are you heading to the beach or nearby lake to lounge in the sun and enjoy some delicious […]

Solar Energy Explained in Fewer than 140 Words

Each particle of sunlight (called a photon) that reaches the Earth contains energy that fuels our planet. Solar power is harnessed and converted to usable energy using photovoltaics. Photovoltaics is the technology used to convert sunlight to electricity. Solar PV devices are made of small cells connected together and made out of semiconducting materials. These […]

Solar Panels: FAQs

How do solar panels actually work? Solar panels are made up of small photovoltaic cells connected together and made out of semiconducting materials. The cells are small, but when combined together in solar arrays, they become very efficient. The sunshine on the cells creates electricity. Click here to read more about photovoltaic cells and how […]

Stay Cool This Summer While Lowering Your Energy Costs

Summertime is right around the corner, which can mean higher energy costs. With warm weather we blast the air conditioning, have more beach towels to wash… and re-wash, and may also have kids at home on their electronics. Luckily, we can be prepared for this summer weather with a few easy tricks! Be Smart with […]

Renewable Energy Power World

Renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source globally. According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, renewables made up more than 17 percent of net U.S. electricity generation in 2018. Solar generation is projected to climb from 11 percent of total U.S. renewable generation in 2017 to 48 percent by 2050, making it […]

Rooftop Solar’s Impact on Climate Change

Carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions have increased dramatically the past few decades and the threat of climate change is continuing to grow. Climate change can be fought both individually and collectively. While it may seem like an overwhelming task, residential solar plays a huge role in creating a cleaner and safer environment. Solar energy […]

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Solar panels are a great way to create energy without drawing upon harmful resources like fuel, coal, oil or gas. It is important to understand how much energy each panel produces, so that you can power your entire home with sustainable and renewable energy. During the solar process, our team will gather the last twelve […]

United States Solar Projects

Solar power is rapidly growing. There are several larger-scale solar projects around the country that are transforming the solar industry and leading the way to a sustainable and renewable energy powered world! Here are a few United States-based solar projects that deserve attention: New York A New York solar energy company completed a 7.2-MW Denmark […]

Press Release: ION Solar Donates over 300,000 Meals to Feeding America

PROVO, UT — MAY 1, 2020 — ION Solar donates over 300,000 meals to Feeding America to help with the current economic crisis. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, ION Solar employees and customers quickly came together to commit to giving back to the community and helping those in need. For every customer who purchased […]

How to Take Care of the Earth

Earth Day is always a friendly reminder of how much we love our planet! Taking care of the earth is our year-round responsibility. This can be a daunting task, but there are many ways you can help the Earth by changing just a few things! Here are a few ways you can take care of […]

4 Ugly Truths About Coal

Traditional energy sources have environmental impacts that can be devastating. Coal produces a majority of our electricity and is one of the biggest causes of air pollution worldwide. It has also been linked to major health problems. Here are 4 major environmental impacts of coal: Carbon Dioxide According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), […]

5 Solar Myths — Busted

Myth #1: Solar Panels will Damage My Roof Some homeowners hesitate to install solar panels because they believe it will damage their roof. This is not true! Rooftops are inspected prior to installation to determine whether their structure will be able to withstand the additional weight of solar panels. The panels that are attached to […]

Helping the Environment from Home

Creating a better environment does not have to be a life-consuming task. There are many ways to help the environment in small and simple ways from the comfort of your home. This blog post aims to provide you some changes you can make to create a cleaner world! 1. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Incorporating […]

10 Fun and Unique Small Solar Products

Installing solar panels is a huge step towards saving the environment and changing the world. There are many other ways to incorporate solar panels and solar technology into your everyday life on a smaller-scale. Here are a few fun products to help you go green! 1. Solar Backpack Charge your electronics while on the go! […]

Solar Energy and Panel Production

Energy comes in all different forms. Whether it be electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal or nuclear, energy plays an important part of each day. Once solar panels have been installed, how exactly can you measure the energy that is being produced? This blog post will walk you through all things energy, so you know just how […]

Test Your Solar Knowledge!

Think you’re a solar expert? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about solar power! Questions: Devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity are calleda. Photosyntheticb. Photovoltaicc. Photo-convertersd. Phototonic Sunlight is composed of which type of energy particle?a. Electronsb. Protonsc. Photonsd. Neutrinos What famous scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for […]

How to Make the Most of Your Solar Panels

There are a few ways that you can maximize your energy production after you’ve had your solar panels installed. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your solar panels: 1. Be Aware of the Electricity you are Using We design your solar panels to meet the needs of […]

Solar Energy and the Environment

It is common for electricity to be generated from dirty sources like coal, nuclear, and natural gas. Installing solar panels is a way to contribute to a cleaner environment and create a more sustainable future. There are many ways that solar helps the environment. Here’s how: Solar Energy Reduces Greenhouse Gases and CO2 Emissions Depending […]

What Are Photovoltaic Solar Panels and How Do They Work?

In the solar world, you hear the term “photovoltaic” quite frequently, but what does it mean? This blog post aims to explore the purpose and function of photovoltaic (PV) devices and what they do for your solar panels! A History of the Photovoltaic Effect The photovoltaic effect was first observed in 1839 by Alexandre Edmund […]

Presidents Day: The History of Solar Power at the White House

The White House has been through many decorative changes throughout the years as each new president makes the house their own. One of the most relevant changes, perhaps, has been the installation and removal of solar panels. In light of Presidents Day, the following is the history of the White House and solar power. Jimmy […]

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

In the midst of cold winter months, you might wonder if your solar panels are still producing energy. Many believe that snow can stop energy production, but this isn’t quite true. There are many ways that solar panels continue to produce energy without the intense sunshine summer offers. The U.S. Department of Energy tested solar […]

Press Release: ION Earth Install in Newport News

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia — January 31, 2020 — ION Solar LLC, a full-service solar provider, donated a premium solar system to Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, an organization dedicated to helping families build better lives in the communities they serve.  The solar system is being installed February 1, 2020 on the home recently […]

Getting Started With Solar Panels

Getting solar panels installed is easier when you have solar experts from ION to help you every step of the way. Your solar process will begin with a consultation with an ION representative. They will provide you with a breakdown of the numbers and prepare a savings estimate. Our team will create a design proposal […]


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