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ION Earth and A Few Good Roots: Powering Change in Richmond

Sometimes a “leg up” is the most important gift a person can receive. A Few Good Roots, a non-profit organization out of Richmond, Virginia, attempts to offer just that to individuals in the surrounding communities; focusing on combatting homelessness while addressing the needs of mental health, substance abuse, and incarceration. ION Earth, eager to join the cause, has recently partnered with them in an effort to ease the financial burden of rising utility costs.

ION Earth

ION Earth’s donated solar panel system will allow A Few Good Roots to devote funds to other areas of treatment.

ION Earth is the charitable branch of ION Solar, a premium residential solar company founded in 2013. The goal of ION Earth is to donate high-quality solar panel systems to deserving non-profit and philanthropic organizations, such as A Few Good Roots.

The donation of efficient photovoltaic solar panel systems greatly reduces the operating costs for these organizations, allowing them to devote the money that would otherwise go towards their power bill to charitable efforts and outreach.

A Hallowed Place

A Few Good Roots is a Richmond, Virginia based non-profit that has been operating since 2016. Their goal is fourfold; (1) dealing with mental health needs, (2) support for substance abuse, (3) transitioning from incarceration, and (4) combatting the effects of homelessness.

“A Hallowed Place” is the sober-living home location of a Few Good Roots. It houses up to eight individuals committed to pursuing sobriety and change. Since 2021, the four-bedroom location has been a place of positive impact, focused on best-practice-based therapy and impactful daily programs. It was here at the “A Hallowed Place” location that ION Earth chose to donate and install an 11.02 kW solar panel system, in order to help save money by lowering electrical costs.

“Having solar panels will greatly benefit A Few Good Roots because it is going to cut the cost of our electricity bill,” said Lichele Billups, the non-profit’s executive owner. “So to cut the costs of our sober living home would definitely assist us in our other endeavors in the community.”

“…to cut the costs of our sober living home would definitely assist us in our other endeavors in the community.”

Lichele Billups, Executive Owner of A Few Good Roots

A Day of Collaboration

Members of ION Earth and A Few Good Roots talk while they await the final system setup for the A Hallowed Place location.

The setup and installation of the solar panel system saw members of both ION Earth and a Few Good Roots laughing, socializing, and enjoying some well-deserved pizza for their efforts. Team members from A Hallowed Place helped educate all on hand concerning their outreach mission.

The day came in preparation for A Few Good Roots’ annual “Thanksgiving Family Blessing” food drive, which sees the organization donate turkeys and care baskets to local families in need.

Want to Get Involved?

A Few Good Roots offers a number of ways to get involved in its outreach mission, including volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and donations! To learn more about the charitable work being done by ION Earth, visit us at our website or talk with one of our professional team members today.


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