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Press Release: ION Solar Back For More, Awarded Fast 50 For Fourth Consecutive Year

August 27th, 2021

Grattitude and Growth

The 2021 award feels familiar to this premium solar company based in Provo, UT. As their fourth Fast 50 award, the owners of ION Solar are proud of the last eight years of growth.

From Left to Right: Jeremy Call, Dave Rasmussen, Matt Rasmussen holding the 2021 Fast50 Award.
From left to right: Jeremy Call, Dave Rasmussen, and Matt Rasmussen

With companies from all over the state, this year’s Utah Business Fast 50 Awards were in Salt Lake City at the Grand America Hotel. “Fast 50 companies are established companies selected based on a combination of revenue growth and total revenue and are vetted by Squire and Co. for financial accuracy, they are ranked in order of 2020 growth.

Solar Power, Regardless of Pandemic Proportions

The COVID-19 Pandemic was brutal for so much of the world economy. The rankings of the Fast 50 award certainly look closely at how each business faired in the previous year. Thankfully, ION Solar was able to hold strong their standard of bringing a premium service to its customers nationwide.

We Power People. Together We Power Change.

Ion Solar Mission statement

It’s no question that solar energy is on the rise, and with that solar companies. ION Solar has made itself an example of customer service and premium experience with its all-inclusive process. With every step of the process done in-house, ION can guarantee the results and employees are up to snuff.

To them, this is really what sets ION Solar apart from the crowd. The resilience and commitment to customer service every step of the way. It is no surprise that both employees and customers have allowed them to continue to grow and maintain their spot on the Utah Fast 50 list.

Let your search for the best solar company end here, ION Solar is your top pick for a premium solar experience.

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Jackie Wright – Ion Solar Social Media & Marketing Manager



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