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Make Your Next Camping Trip Solar-Powered

You can harness the power of the sun even when you are out enjoying the great outdoors. Using solar-powered camping gear allows you to explore the outdoors in comfort, knowing you won’t run out of energy. With modern technology, there are sun-powered gadgets to charge your lights, purify your water, and even help you cook a hot meal. Here are five solar-powered gadgets to add to your packing list. 

1. Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern




You never have to worry about your lantern’s battery running out with the Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern. Not only is this a great camping light source, but it also serves as a USB charging port for other electronic devices. This solar lantern can recharge itself from anywhere using the power of the sun. 

2. Puralytics SolarBag Water Purifier



The Puralytics SolarBag Water Purifier is perfect for your next backcountry camping or backpacking trip where clean water can sometimes be hard to find.  This purifier uses sunlight activated technology to destroy contaminants in your water. The SolarBag is the only of its kind to meet US EPA standards. Eliminate bacteria and unwanted chemicals with this reusable portable water purifier on your next outdoor adventure.

3. GoSun Sport Solar Cooker



Cook efficiently on your next campout with the GoSun Sport Solar Cooker. You can easily steam, bake, roast, and saute a meal in 20 minutes with this sun-powered cooker. With the GoSun Sport, you can cook great meals without having to lug a bulky grill with you. It’s a bit of an investment, but the convenience and advanced technology make the purchase worth it. Weighing in at 7 pounds it’s compact size can easily travel with you wherever your journey takes you.

4. Solar Portable Charger



With this powerful device, you have a charger and an LED light all in one. This durable, sturdy solar-powered portable charger is built for any outdoor excursion. It has unlimited recharging capabilities via the sunlight using a solar panel. Its large battery capacity can recharge an iPhone X 6 times.


5.  Portable Solar Bluetooth Speaker



Everyone loves to enjoy good tunes while they sit in the company of their friends and family around the campfire. This Portable Bluetooth Speaker is solar-powered, water-resistant and has a USB port to charge your electronics. It uses single-crystal silicon ETFE laminated solar panels, to absorb light transmissions. Every 10 minutes the speaker is charged in the sunlight is equal to 30 minutes of music playing. This speaker is built to be used for a wide range of activities like camping, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and much more.







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