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Press Release: ION Earth Install in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – July 8, 2019 – ION Earth, the charitable arm of ION Solar, gives back to its communities by donating premium solar panels to families and organizations. For every two megawatts, ION Solar installs a complete system is donated to a family in need.  The company’s tremendous growth over the last year has allowed them to give back, even more, averaging at around one complete system donated per month.

Their latest project is for a single mother living in Colorado Springs with her young teenage son. Becky Phipps has been diligently working for 13 years to provide the best life possible for her son Isaiah. Born at 26 weeks weighing in at 1 lb, the odds were stacked against them. Because of his early arrival, baby Isaiah needed numerous surgeries and around the clock care. 

“With six machines and 24-hour nursing, the electric bills are high. Every night someone is up caring for him and using electricity when most people’s lights are off – mine are on, pretty much 24/7. Getting solar truly is a blessing” said Becky. Not only will a solar-powered home benefit the environment, it will also lessen the hardship of monthly utility costs.

With a premium solar system, Becky can use the savings from her monthly electric bill to power her dream of becoming a life coach and continue to create a bright future for her and Isaiah. 

More about the Phipps Family

After Isaiah was born, Becky was introduced to the Ronald Mcdonald House. It was through The Ronald Mcdonald House that she was able to find a place to call home as well as the support system she desperately needed. After living there for seven months while her son was in the NICU, Becky was offered a job working for the nonprofit. Becky loved her job, but because of Isaiah’s health issues, she had to resign to care for him. At age 13, Isaiah has had 52 surgeries, multiple hospital stays, and requires round-the-clock nursing. He is now a bright, talkative teenager, but his nursing is still Becky’s full-time job. 

Through her work in the community, Becky became acquainted with Habitat for Humanity. She qualified for their program and was able to move her family into a home that fit her and Isaiah’s needs. Now through the ION Earth program, their home will be transformed into a solar-powered home completely free to the Phipps family, and their power bill will be reduced significantly.

About ION Solar

ION Solar is a premium, full-service solar provider. ION offers affordable solar solutions that give customers the benefits of solar with little or no up-front costs. Full-service includes a custom-designed system using premium equipment and handling all of the permitting, applications,  installation, and inspection. ION has local offices in Utah, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and surrounding areas. For more information, visit



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