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Press Release: ION Earth Install in Santa Fe, NM

The Gavurnik’s new home is now powered by clean energy thanks to the ION Earth program. While their new solar system provides the family with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable living situation, it also results in lower utility costs each month, lessening the hardship of bills on the family. Through this partnership between Habitat for Humanity and ION Earth, the Gaburnik family will be paying less for their energy efficient Habitat home than they do currently for their two bedroom apartment.

Born and raised in Santa Fe,  Alexander and Meghan Gavurnik have dreamed of owning a home in their beloved city. In Santa Fe, they have a close-knit community made up of friends, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. They have been searching for years to find a house for them and their two children in the area without any luck until Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity provided an affordable home for the young family. In their own words, “We have always dreamed of a house of our own where our family can grow and thrive together, and most especially, we want to stay in our city.”

The Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity organization strives to provide homes and opportunities to deserving families. Through this organization, the Gavurnik family has been able to move out of a less than ideal living situation and into a new Habitat home. ION Solar, like Habitat for Humanity, aims to power positive change in communities. They do this by providing families with a free solar system through the ION Earth program. For every two megawatts of solar installed by ION Solar, they donate a solar system. ION Earth transforms a home into solar-powered home.


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