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Homeowners are going solar in record numbers. Being powered by the sun saves you money on electricity bills, increases the equity in your home, and helps protect the environment. Sounds good, right? But you’re probably thinking to yourself: How do I know if my home is a good fit for solar? How am I going to pay for this?

It is important to know what style roof you have and how compatible it is with solar. Some important factors to pay attention to are:

Roof Material

While most roof materials allow for solar to be installed, there are some that are more optimal than others. Standing seam metal, concrete tiles, or asphalt shingles are all good examples of a strong, durable roof. You want your roof to live the same length of life as your panels. If you have an older roof it would be smart to consider factoring in the price of a new roof when financing for your new solar system.

Roof Size, Orientation, and Pitch

Ideally, a south-facing roof at a 30-degree tilt will maximize your energy production. Although, east and west facing roofs still allow for a high energy outcome. Your roof pitch and direction are important as well because they need to be adequate enough to capture the peak sun hours. The cost of solar has dropped drastically in the last few years, making serious savings possible even if your roof isn’t facing south. 

Exposure and Shading

One of our professional site surveyors will help determine how much sun exposure your roof gets. There are several factors that affect the level of shading on your roof. You cannot control shading from other buildings, but if there is shading due to trees you might consider trimming them down before you get your panels placed. Our design team creates a system with the right components in order to minimize any negative impacts shading could have. So, even if you have a small amount of shade, solar can still be a great fit for your home. 


Before you decide to go solar, one of our energy consultants will help estimate how much energy your system will produce so you can see the potential savings. Solar energy can be produced in a wide variety of climates. Our highly-efficient and premium solar panels will even work for you on the rainiest of days and continue to produce power for your home in direct and indirect sunlight.

Electrical Wiring

During the site assessment, our surveyors will check the wiring in your home to ensure it meets solar code and most importantly is safe.

No need to fret, you have choices when it comes to financing your solar system. The financing options available make solar energy more affordable than ever before to homeowners.


 You can buy your system outright. This way the savings on your monthly utility bill will be immediate. When you purchase your system upfront you still qualify for the federal tax credit. This tax credit allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of your solar energy system from your federal tax credit.

Solar Loan

You can take out a solar loan on your system, therefore, eliminating any upfront costs of solar. If you have a great credit score, this could be a fantastic choice for you. This option also allows you to receive a 30 percent solar tax credit.

Solar Lease/PPA

With solar leasing or a purchase power agreement, a third-party financing company, buys and takes care of your panels. Homeowners have no upfront costs with this option and have a fixed rate. You will lock in low rates for solar electricity for up to 20 years.  At the end of your lease you have the option to purchase out the rest of your system if you wish.


Solar is the smarter, cleaner way to power your home. We give you the information you need to make the decision to switch. Get a free quote today and speak with one of our energy advisors who will help you determine if solar is a good match for your home. All of your questions will be answered and we will be able to help find out which solar option is best for you.


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