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Solar Energy vs. Traditional Energy

For many years, fossil fuels have been the lifeblood of the U.S. economy and our main energy source, until now. With solar power on the rise, more families across the country are getting access to clean, affordable energy. With fossil fuels being a non-renewable energy source there is no question that one day they will be depleted. The benefits of solar energy far outweigh those of traditional energy.

The Old Way

Fossil fuels are formed from decayed prehistoric plants and animals that are buried within layers of rock that are then converted into oil, gas, or coal. This happened over hundreds of millions of years of exposure to heat and pressure in the earth’s crust. Fossil fuels must be extracted and transported, an intensive and environmentally detrimental process. In order for us to access them we must drill and mine into the earth deconstructing and polluting our land in the process. Getting power this way is expensive, inefficient and utility costs will only continue to rise. On the other hand, solar is a free, natural source. All you need are solar panels to harness the sun’s energy.

In order to produce electricity fossil fuels must be burned. When fossil fuels are burned, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere causing air and water pollution. According to the Energy Department, nearly three-fourths of human-caused emissions come from burning fossil fuels. The pollution contains harmful compounds like methane and carbon dioxide that get trapped by the sun’s heat. This leads to rising temperatures which negatively contributes to climate change. 

The New Way

The good news is that the renewable energy sector is expanding across the U.S., bringing hundreds of billions in economic activity along with it. The immense growth has caused the cost of a solar system to drop considerably making it more attainable for homeowners than ever before. With all the solar financing options available you can easily get your power at a low, fixed rate. Eventually, you will get to a point when your solar panels are paid off and the real savings start! Bottom line, with rising utility rates, you’ll save more each year when you switch to solar.

Solar panels can produce power without giving off harmful emissions. A natural process called photovoltaics converts sunlight into electricity, doing no harm to the environment. By investing in solar you are investing in the necessary tools to significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint. 


Brighter Future

Solar still has a long way to go, but its future is brighter than ever before. Solar is more efficient, better for the planet, and cheaper for you. Why pay more to power your home when, finally, there is a better option.



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