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The Solar State

With over 4.7 million solar-powered homes and growing plus a nation-leading 100k+ solar jobs, California is the nation’s #1 solar state. 33% of California’s electricity is required to come from renewable resources by 2020 and 50% by 2030. In fact, since 2014 state law requires all new buildings under ten stories tall be solar ready! At ION we’re proud to help California homeowners make the switch with no upfront or out-of-pocket costs at all.

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A Mountain of Solar Savings.

More than 30,000 Coloradans have switched to solar. Another 5000 are employed by the solar industry in Colorado! The first state to vote for a renewable energy Standard by popular vote, Coloradans want solar. While energy prices keep going up and up, solar adoption continues to grow and we work with homeowners To make the switch an easy one.

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Sunshine is a Way of Life

With 5 National Parks, 14 ski resorts, and a whole lot of sunshine (the potential to provide the entire US with all its electricity used), it makes sense that Utah’s solar growth is exploding. Just last year, Utah ranked #2 nationwide for solar capacity installed and solar capacity per capita. Nearly 300k Utah homes are now solar powered. We work tirelessly to push the solar movement forward here in our home state and help Utah reach it’s goal of 20% electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

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It’s time for solar

What's Your Reason To Switch?

Another homeowner just like you switches to solar every 84 seconds. The old way of getting power is expensive, inefficient, the costs continue rising, and our planet suffers most. The solar movement is happening one homeowner at a time. You can make a difference too. Find out if solar makes sense for your home.

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Solar is Big in Texas

136,000 Texans power their home with solar with over 9000 people employed by the solar industry (3rd in the country). Texas has the most solar potential of any state and ranked 6th nationwide for installations just last year. Texas homeowners want to pay less to power their homes and they’re switching to solar in record numbers.

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New Mexico:
Enough Sun to
Power the Country

On a per-capita basis, New Mexico is in the top 10 states for solar. New Mexico has the solar capacity to supply all of the electricity used in the entire country--- FOUR times over--- with over 40% of that potentially coming from rooftop solar panels. The state’s goal is to be running on 20% renewable energy by 2020.

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