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Utah Homeowners Are Switching to Solar (Without Paying A Dime Up Front!)

With 5 National Parks, 14 ski resorts, and a whole lot of sunshine (the potential to provide the entire US with all its electricity used), it makes sense that Utah’s solar growth is exploding. Just last year, Utah ranked #2 nationwide for solar capacity installed and solar capacity per capita. Nearly 300k Utah homes are now solar powered. We work tirelessly to push the solar movement forward here in our home state and help Utah reach it's goal of 20% electricity from renewable sources by 2025.
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Utah has been in the top 10 states to go solar for the last few years. In 2016 it was ranked 2nd in total solar installs by SEIA. With the state income tax credit, current net metering, and the overhwelming desire of Utah residents to find and use renewable sources of energy and have clean air, Utah is in a unique position to remain a leader in solar installs and renewable energy.

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51,752,873 Watts Installed in Utah
$122 Average Yearly Savings!
2nd in The Nation State Ranking Solar * SEIA Q3 2016 data

Rebates & Incentives

The Utah Legislature in early 2017 passed a bill that would sunset the Solar Income Tax Credit.The good news is that Utah residents who would like to take advantage of the tax credit can still claim* the highest credit for a system through Dec 2017 which is amounts to $2,000. The credit will reduce year over year until it closes at $400 in 2021. *Disclaimer: Ion Solar is not a tax consultant and does not offer tax advice. Please consult your tax professional if you have additional questions.

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Net Metering

While net retail net metering is still available, the major power provider Rocky Mountain Power has requested a special rate hearing with the Public Utilities Commission of Utah. Everyone interested in the future of solar will be paying close attention. In the meantime, Utah residents can rest assured that Rocky Mountain Power and the solar industry are working hard behind the scenes to find solutions that will make it possible for residents who want to go solar can continue to do so and be compensated fairly for the power they produce.

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Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit Established by The Energy Policy Act of 2005, the federal tax credit for residential energy property initially applied to solar-electric systems, solar water heating systems and fuel cells.

Rocky Mountain Power Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, RMP provides electric service to nearly 1.1 million customers in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

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