Looking for Vision Solar?

Vision Solar Is Now Part of the Ion Solar Family!

In 2016, Vision Solar and Zing Solar joined forces to form one of the largest privately held residential solar companies in the U.S., ION Solar.

The strategic consolidation came with significant benefits to homeowners, such as large econmoies of scale for ION Solar, reducing requipment and operational costs, and giving homeowners access to additional financing and enhanced solar options.

Vision and Zing's shared ideologies mean Zing Solar's mission to help families switch to solar, lower their power bills, and reduce their carbon footprint remains our goal at ION. The combined resources the marriage provides enhances our ability to serve homeowners by bringing together hundreds of passionate team members, ans thousands of solar customers together to positively impact the environment with clean solar energy.

With current operations in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, New Jersey, and our home state of Utah, ION Solar aims to bring our low-cost renewable energy and beautiful premium solar installations to homeowners across the country.