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What is ION Earth?

ION Earth is ION Solar’s charitable arm that gives back to its communities by donating premium solar panels to families and organizations. For every two megawatts (mW) worth of energy installed, ION Solar installs a complete system that’s been donated to a family in need. With the help of solar energy, these families can save money on their electricity bills and afford to live out their dreams. So, your switch to solar not only powers your home, but the homes of many others.

ION Solar also handles the entire process for these families. All permitting is handled by our team and a custom system is designed specifically for the home to ensure their energy needs are met correctly. ION Solar also uses only premium solar equipment including top-tier solar panels and micro inverters so these families can rely fully on their solar arrays for years to come. When the installation date arrives, ION Solar employees donate their time and expertise to install the system.

Every home that switches to solar through ION, helps power even greater change through our ION Earth program. We work together with partners like Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Our Troops to provide solar solutions to homes, businesses, schools, and shelters in need; lessening the burden of high utility costs and doing good for our beautiful earth. If you’re thinking about going solar, know that your switch is transforming other’s lives by providing important solar change.

Visit our website to learn more about ION Earth and the solar projects that have been donated to families across America.


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