Who We Are


101,612,815 watts installed and counting. Our ION Solar family is growing at a record breaking pace.

No. 4

4th largest nationwide residential solar installer bringing our premium solar to 8 states and counting.


$546,077,316 in lifetime savings on our customers' electric bills—another great reason to go solar!


We Power People

We power people.

The people who make a difference in this world.

While the majority are still settling, we power the rest. The people who demand a better way.

We power the growing minority. Our people write their own story. They aren't passive. They want better and they make things better. From the environment to their family budget.

They don't settle. They choose us because they see a kindred spirit in ION. A simpler, smarter, cleaner way.

We power people.

Together we power change.

A Premium Experience

Only premium solar equipment. A custom design tailored to your energy needs. Dedicated operations team with you every step of the way. Friendly in-house installers. The list goes on and on.

The Full Service Solar Company

We handle everything from start to finish and outsource nothing. The switch to solar takes a full team. Our in-house, experienced teams are with you every step of the way.
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Premium Equipment

Your solar home will be powered with premium solar and electrical equipment that’s carefully installed by our dedicated installation teams. Best of all, you’ll still switch for no money out of pocket.

Everyone is taking notice

A Top-10 Nationwide
Residential Solar In


Working Closely With the Solar Community

A Recognized Leader