Change how the world is powered

You Can Make A Difference.


Save The Planet.

Clean, renewable, earth-friendly, solar power fights climate-change and helps the earth heal from the effects of traditional power.

Love What You Do.

You don’t always have the chance to lower people’s bills, champion a cause, and save the planet. All in a day’s work at ION Solar.

Make Great Money.

A home switches to solar every 84 seconds. Our full-service approach means we need great people like you to be a part of our record breaking growth.

Join Other Heroes.

Together we help homeowners save money, change the way the world Is powered, and help save the planet.

Our Planet Needs Saving Again.
Are you in?

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*Jobs listed by state


Experienced Solar Installer Centennial, Colorado
Experienced Solar Installer Thornton, Colorado
Solar Sales Representative Denver, Colorado
Experienced Solar Installer Denver, Colorado
Solar Sales Representative Colorado Springs, Colorado
Experienced Solar Installer Colorado Springs, Colorado
Experienced Inspection Technician Colorado Springs, Colorado
Experienced Service Technician Colorado Springs, Colorado


Solar Sales Representative Henderson, Nevada
Experienced Solar Installer Henderson, Nevada
Journeyman Electrician Henderson, Nevada
Experienced Inspection Technician Henderson, Nevada
Inspection Technician Henderson, Nevada
Electrical Apprentice Henderson, Nevada
Experienced Service Technician Henderson, Nevada

New Mexico.

Solar Sales Representative Albuquerque, New Mexico
Experienced Solar Installer Albuquerque, New Mexico
Experienced Inspection Technician Albuquerque, New Mexico
Electrical Apprentice Albuquerque, New Mexico
Experienced Service Technician Albuquerque, New Mexico


Experienced Solar Installer Sandston, Virginia
Experienced Solar Installer Virginia Beach, Virginia
Solar Sales Representative Hampton, Virginia
Experienced Solar Installer Hampton, Virginia
Journeyman Electrician Hampton, Virginia
Experienced Inspection Technician Hampton, Virginia
Inspection Technician Hampton, Virginia
Permit Administrator Hampton, Virginia
Electrical Apprentice Hampton, Virginia
Experienced Service Technician Hampton, Virginia
Site Surveyor Hampton, Virginia

North Carolina.

No positions listed.



Your Switch to Solar Powers More Than Just Your Home.

Every home that switches to solar through ION Solar helps power even greater change through our ION Earth program. We work together with partners like Habitat for Humanity to make positive changes in the way people power their lives---by providing solar solutions to homes, businesses, schools, and shelters in need.

Working Closely With the Solar Community

A Recognized Leader.