Customer Stories

Save Money. Save the Planet.

See Why Homeowners Just Like You Switch to Solar


Month after month our bill goes down

“We’re to the point now where we pretty much have no power bill and just have the payment we are making on the loan. We probably had a $200 a month power bill and last month our power bill was $22. When I saw that- just amazing!”

The Nuttall Family


Our monthly bill went down to $20

“It's an incredible cost savings. To know that we're being environmentally aware, its great to have. ION explained it in a way that made sense and that we'll start saving money. That's awesome.”

The Tolman Family


We're saving $200 a month

“We're not renting power any more. Eventually we're going to own our power. We got many quotes from other companies and ION was by far the more affordable option which is why our friends have all chosen ION too.”

The Dunn Family


I love getting a $8.97 power bill

“This came with an app that we can use to monitor the system. I love checking the app to see how much power we've generated, the production by the day or week, even what each panel is generating.”

The Janis Family

“Lightening speed install!”

Many thanks to you guys for making the installation process a seamless one. It all happened so fast and I’m grateful.

Noemi S

“Please talk to my friends!”

I shared a bunch of names with my rep. They’ve already asked me about switching so please contact them.

Christy S

“I love not spending money!”

I feel so good about going solar not only because of the clean energy but I got it all for no money down. Plus my power bill is lower!

James M

“It’s been 2 months”

... since installing the panels and I wanted to let you know we’re already saving about 34% on our PGE monthly bill.

Carlos S

“We LOVE ION Solar”

Kudos to you all for converting our street into the solar st. We all went solar at no cost and we love it. Thanks!

Alfonso R

“Finally we can afford solar”

We almost went solar a few times but it was so expensive. Until you showed up we didn’t think we could ever switch.

Virgina M

“Not even a choice”

After considering all your options, why would someone not want lower utility payments?

William A

“Savings of $47 a month”

We are so pleased with our solar panels and the fact that we’re saving almost fifty dollars a month. It’s absolutely worth it.

Kenny V

“We finally have solar!”

I was waiting about a year to make the switch to solar. I switched in a heartbeat after you knocked my door.

Al & Kami P

“HAPPY customers!”

I wish that we had switched sooner. The benefits to the environment in addition to the cost savings make this a great choice.

John N

“Paid nothing up front”

Nobody believed me that I was actually getting a solar system on my roof with no upfront cost. Now most of them are switching too.

Alex L

“Had my doubts”

I was concerned that I might not actually save money, but I am. Every month my bill is lower than it used to be.

Donna W