We make solar simple

What’s On Your Mind?

How much does solar cost with ION Solar?

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you to get started with ION Solar. If you can afford your current utility bill then you can absolutely afford to switch to solar. You’ll pay nothing up front, enjoy decades of lower power rates, and protect yourself from utility rate hikes.
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What does my dedicated project manager do?

Shortly your very own, dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you. They’ll hold your hand throughout your switch to solar, making it easy, stress-free, and most of all-- making sure you’re well taken care of 100% of the time.

What type of equipment do you use?

One of the largest differences between ION Solar and the other guys is that we use only top-of-the-line equipment. That means more efficient production, longer-lasting panels, and a better looking install. You’ll sleep soundly at night knowing your home is powered by the best solar equipment on the market.

What are the benefits to the environment?

After switching to solar your home will offset so much carbon dioxide it’s the equivalent of planting an average of around 78 acres of trees. Whether you happen to wear a cape or not-- going solar means you’re a planet saving super hero.

What if I sell my home?

Studies find that homes with solar sell faster and for more money. Why? Solar adds value by cutting expenses. It’s cheaper to live in a solar home and that’s a big bonus for home shoppers. Plus your dedicated Project Manager will make the transition an easy one for both you and the new homeowner.

What if I have more questions?

Just call us with any questions or concerns. It’s important to us that every single question or concern is addressed and answered. We have teams of highly trained, solar experts standing by to answer any question you might have. You can reach us by phone or email.